NFL Draft – Dallas Cowboys

I am a little torn on what the Cowboys should do in their draft.  There are two positions that I think they need depth and insurance at.  WR and Corner. 

John Murphy from Yahoo Sports has them taking a CB in round 1 and a WR in round 2.

My reasons for them taking these two positions is pretty simple. 

First, CB:

Anthony Henry has a bum knee…not sure how long he will be able to play on it.  Maybe a year or two but it might become an issue as he gets older and he’s already a slow corner so if he loses anything then the team will suffer.  Also, Newman’s contract is up and he’ll require a 20m signing bonus…you need to protect yourself from that.  Newman is really good but he’s older than you think because he came out of college at 25.  Aaron Glenn is getting up there in years and Jacque Reeves will be an unrestricted free agent after this year and even though he’s done well I just don’t know what he’s worth.

So each player has questions and you really just need another body back there that has the talent to start.


I am more scared about this position and everyone already knows about the age of our starting WR’s so I won’t get into that.  TO has not been healthy and Glenn hasn’t been healthy over his career.  So, right off the bat you have age and injury questions with both of your starting WR’s.  Now, yes these guys have been in great shape and injuries are impossible to predict…i’ll give you that but the probability is still high that one of these guys will slow down next year. 

But, the bigger problem is that both of them have baggage.  TO’s problems are well documented and while many people didn’t like Big Bill….he did keep TO on the team and focused all year.  Can Wade Phillips do this?  Not sure, TO is not exactly right in the head.  Now, don’t forget about Terry Glenn…he’s been pretty quiet since he came to Dallas…except last year when he complained about the offense.  He’s only been able to play for Big Bill in his career.  New England suspended him and Green Bay just gave him away.  How is he going to respond to Wade? 

It’s impossible to predict whether these players will play for Wade.  But you add up their injury history, the age question, and their attitudes and you could easily see a scenario where you lose them both at some point next season.  Sam Hurd and Crayton starting at WR isn’t good for anybody.


2 responses to “NFL Draft – Dallas Cowboys

  1. Makes sense on the corners – at first I thought you were crazy, but Big Wade is gonna need 2 shut-down corners to pull off all the blitzes he’s gonna bring (unlike the smelly Tuna).

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