Texas Rangers…yes, they stink

I’m a Texas Rangers fan…I don’t know why.  It’s almost as bad as being a Mavs fan 10 years ago.  This year there was a lot of enthusiasm and hope for the team (yes, it’s game 2 and they haven’t officially lost that one).   They have a new manager in Ron Washington who says all the right things and they signed one of their superstars, Mike Young,  to a long contract. 

So what.  I think a big part of winning is changing the culture of the team..at the top.  That’s really what changed for the Mavs.  Mark Cuban and Don Nelson demanded winning out of their guys…they were inspirational to the players. 

 The Rangers don’t have that.  They have John Daniels (or is it Jon…i’m too lazy to look it up) and Tom Hicks.  First, let’s talk about Daniels.  He’s young and seems bright but you wonder if he really has the respect of the team.  For me, it’s like “what has this guy done?”, it wouldn’t inspire me to win.  Plus, I’d say the jury is still out on the guy.  He’s made some really bad moves and some really good moves.  Now, you could get away with Daniels if you had some leadership above him but you don’t.  You’ve got Tom Hicks.

Tom Hicks….Mark Cuban.  Who would you rather have?  Now, it would be ok to have Hicks if your team had been winning over the last..well ever.  But the Rangers have really always stunk..except for a few scattered seasons.  They need an owner or a GM to change the culture and demand winning.  Preferably, both. 

Watch them come back and win tonight and make me look stupid.


2 responses to “Texas Rangers…yes, they stink

  1. You are obviously not stupid.

    Still early to see what’s gonna happen, esp. when they’re playing the Angels, who will no doubt win the AL West this year. I think Ron Washington is the right guy for the job, but Hicks sucks. Who can we get to fire him?

    It hurts to see Gary Mathews, Jr. doing so well.

  2. yeah, they stunk again last night. I just don’t think the manager can change the organization and that’s what needs to be changed. I really do think about the Mavs in this way. You need an owner and a Coach/Manager to demand excellence and a winning attitude.

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