Grant Hill…career over?

I wonder if Grant Hill will call it a career.  I believe his contract is up and his numbers are down.  He’s probably not completely healthy and you just have to wonder if he wants to continue.  I haven’t heard anyone talking about it but it really will be sad to see him go. 

He was Lebron James before Lebron in my opinion.  The are both 6-8, can rebound like a forward and pass like a guard.  Neither can shoot 3’s and they both have carried teams to the playoffs.  Look at Lebron’s stats

Now Grant Hill’s stats.

The difference for me is that Grant Hill was allowed to speak in his commercials and really was poised to be the next marketing chip for the NBA.  I never see James get to speak in his commercials.  Grant Hill could play the part of MJ in ads, I don’t see James being able to or maybe he’s just not getting the chance. 

It also makes me see that Lebron is one injury away from becoming mediocre, that’s what happened to Grant Hill.  Hill played on a broken ankle desparately trying to get his team to the finals and ruined it and his career.  I wonder if he would do it all over again…I mean he makes his money either way but was the anguish and pain of surgery and rehab worth it? 

I believe for Grant Hill it would be…he’d want that chance to win a championship.  If this is the end for him then I hope he gets the appreciation he deserves from the NBA, it’s fans and the Detroit Pistons. 


2 responses to “Grant Hill…career over?

  1. Charles Bailey

    Yeah, Grant Hill ruined his career trying to carry his team in the playoffs when he should have never played in that game. Grant Hill was, and is what you would ever hope for as far as athletes are concerned. He’s bright, smart, handsome and was an exceptional basketball player, he is one of Duke’s all time greatest players. Let’s remmember the Grant Hill from South Lakes High School in Reston, Virginia, the two national championships at Duke, 1994 NBA co – rookie of the year, and the six stellar all star seasons who gave to the Pistons and the city of Detroit. Grant has always been one of my favorite athletes, Michael Jordan is the other, so, let’s not feel sorry for Grant, he gave so much to so many, on and off the court. Oh, did I mention, he is the epitomy of class, grace and dignity on and off the court as well. All young athletes should aspire to be like Grant Hill.

    Charles B.

  2. Charles B. yeah I don’t feel sorry for him but I guess I just wish he would of had a chance to win a championship. You are right though in that all young athletes should aspire to be like him…even though i’m not a Duke fan.

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