John McCain has lost it

I don’t think McCain understands the average American’s attitude toward the war in Iraq.  McCain decided to put the blame for the dissatisfaction of the war in Iraq on where it should be…the media. 

Senator John McCain has some complaints about the news coverage coming out of Iraq.

Is he serious?  Blames it on the news coverage?  Boy, he really isn’t giving much credit to American’s ability to think for themself.  John, people are just sick of the war, it’s taking a long time, costing a lot of money, and screwing up a lot of people’s lives.  That’s why the polls show support for the war dropping.  I’m not even going to comment on the other ridiculous statements about Iraq being safe enough to walk down the streets…sure buddy.  that’s why you had a bulletproof vest on.  Please.

I look at McCain as someone past his prime…he had a chance, really a great chance to become President but the Republicans quashed him behind the Bush money machine in the same way the Democrats quashed Dean’s campaign.  (personally, i think the same thing will happen to Obama). 


2 responses to “John McCain has lost it

  1. I agree, too. No likes the war – well for a few Republicans.

  2. I place blame on both Republicans and Democrats…the both voted for the war. Democrats have to stand up for something at some point, don’t they?

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