The ruling came down today. 

I noticed this in the article:

“About 400 detainees are being held at the facility, including admitted September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and 13 other suspected top al Qaeda members.”

That makes me wonder what the other 386 are being held for.  That’s a lot of people who aren’t top al Qaeda leaders…do we hold these guys forever?  And from time to time the U.S. does release some of the prisoners…have these guys been found innocent?  What’s the deal with that?  If you are really a terrorist and a bad enough person to be held in Guantanamo for years then why would the suddenly let you go? 

Something needs to be done about Guantanamo and I think I’m in the camp that says it should close.  It doesn’t look good to have this facility outside of the U.S. where we can just hold people for as long as we want.  Charge them with something or send them back to their own country.  Just from the numbers standpoint you figure that at least 5% are innocent and being held for no reason.  What a horrible experience and we know that some of the prisoners are under the age of 18. 


3 responses to “Guantanamo

  1. Ah, you see the problem. You might find intriguing an article in the National Journal called Who is at Guantanamo Bay? Many of them were picked up in Pakistan by Pakistanis during the exodus of refugees from Afghanistan. Pakistan needed to impress the US that it really was getting serious against terrorists. So here are a whole lot of people whose connection to terrorism is tenuous, at best, and who were often not detained anywhere near a battlefield.

  2. Thanks for the link to the article. Yeah, I had read some of that before. It’s similar to what happened right after 9-11 when we started detaining people who were suspects and often times only connected marginally to anyone associated with terrorism. Once you set the precedent to take away our rights…you will just continue to lose them.

  3. Indeed. Just rec’d this from today:
    “Adel Hamad grew up in a small village in Sudan. Through hard work, he became a schoolteacher and hospital assistant. To support his family he took a better job at a community hospital in Afghanistan. Then late one night he was torn from his bed and sent to hell, as Guantanamo Bay Detainee #940.

    “Adel Hamad has had no trial. He has seen no family members for four years. Even US military officers reviewing his situation have called his detention “unconscionable.” But he and nearly 400 other prisoners are still trapped at Guantanamo.”

    Thanks for writing on it!

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