Prescription Drugs and Nutritional Supplements

I heard a story the other day that really riled me up.

 A friend of mine decided to quit her job at a vet because of their practices regarding prescription drugs.  It seems that the doctor’s would push a different drug each week.  Meaning, they would request that she tell people bringing their dogs and cats in to the vet that they should get their pets a certain medication.  Basically, the “med of the week”. 

Now, how do they choose which med to push that week?  That’s easy.  Whichever pharmaceutical company offered the highest kickback.  So my friend was basically a drug dealer.  That’s great, it really is.  No wonder she quit.  How is this legal?  Doctors should not be allowed to get kickbacks from drug companies for prescribing their drugs…how can you even argue this?

Now, I do take nutritional supplements and I run a site for them at  But, I would never want doctors to get kickbacks for prescribing supplements for people.  Money shouldn’t be driving these doctors.  Your health shouldn’t be in the hands of a pharmaceutical rep. 


One response to “Prescription Drugs and Nutritional Supplements

  1. I heard they get on average of about 5% on every prescription they write,… Now tell me that’s not a “Conflict of Interest”?
    The medical Industry is replete with corruption.

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