British Pull Out…not like that you sicko’s.

Ok.  so we have the British pulling their troops out of Basra.

We have the U.S sending in roughly 21,000 more troops.

Umm, anyone see a problem here. 

Now, the British say they have secured Basra and that’s why they can leave.  Ok, lots of problems with this ridiculous statement:

1) How about a little help in Baghdad you jackasses

2)Is Basra secure because it’s basically all Shiite and thus no infighting?  Wait, that would mean there is a CIVIL WAR going on.  I mean during our Civil War there wasn’t a lot of fighting in Vermont was there.  I mean, it’s been awhile since I had a history class but I can’t remember reading any horrifying stories about Vermont.

3) How are we supposed to claim we have a coalition when we are the only one’s with troops in the country?…okay, technically anyone with over 1K (until Britain pulls the rest out)

4) What kind of message does it say to our troops?  Hey, guys listen up:  “now the British are sending about 1/4 of their troops home from Iraq”.  

“What’s that?”  How many are we sending home?….uh well, none….we are actually going to add to our force but by only 20K.”


Please, someone build a time machine to undo this mess.  Flux Capacitor.  Stupid Commercial is getting to me and I don’t even know what they are trying to sell me.  I thought Christopher Lloyd was dead. 

I need a nap.


One response to “British Pull Out…not like that you sicko’s.

  1. Doc Brown,

    Fire up the Delorian and let’s take care of this mess.

    If we’ve going to “finish the job” (whatever that means), and if no one else is going to help, then I don’t think we have a choice but to increase our troops. I’m not agreeing with it, just saying that that’s the only way to finish it quickly.

    I don’t blame England. Tony Blair has taken enough of a beating for staying loyal to the US this long. Plus, I seriously doubt they will enjoy the same benefits of this thing as we will, so why not pull out?

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