Mark Cuban and Dwayne Wade

Do yourself a favor and read Cuban’s blog on Dwayne Wade.

A few excerpts:

“Is this the DWade of some of the lamest , boring commercials known to man ? Commercials that are singlehandedly responsible for selling more commercial skipping Tivos than anything else on TV ? ”

“Your ability to evaluate leadership skills….well you obviously have an overinflated value of your own. Did you take business classes at Marquette? ”

Wow…Mark, you really took offense to Wade’s statements about Dirk.  One side of me says, “right on Cuban” way to stick up for your players.  The other part of me says “Cuban let your own players do the talking, you aren’t an NBA basketball player so why are you including your opinion in this argument.”  It doesn’t matter what anyone says now, the fact is that the Mavs choked last year while Wade carried the Heat to victory. 

And I’m a mavs fan.


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