Is Obama “Black Enough?”

Uh…..did I just see that headline on yahoo?  it’s the big story today on yahoo because I guess he was on 60 minutes.  Note:  I haven’t read the story and neither do I know anything about it.  But I can still comment on the headline.

 Anyone, who thinks that racism is a problem of the past in this country should take a long look at this article.  Do we ever question whether someone is “white enough?”  Why is this an issue and I would hope that Obama took offense to this whole thing.  This kind of thing used to come up when people would talk about Colin Powell and now, about 8 years later…nothing has changed.  It’s really sad.

People will always see color and that is one of the first differences that you notice when you first meet someone.  Let’s be honest about that, it’s the same as seeing a red shirt or blue shirt on someone.  You either notice it and say “hey that’s the same color shirt I have” or you say “that blue shirt is different”. 

It’s  in race that we have negative stereotypes associated with those colors.  We will always see the colors and I hope one day that we will just see the colors for the color and nothing else but today’s headline makes me skeptical. 


One response to “Is Obama “Black Enough?”

  1. Couldn’t agree more – let’s not act like we don’t see color. Let’s admit we do and instead get to where it doesn’t conjure up as many stereotypes and preconceived ideas as it does now.

    To be honest, I think in Obama’s case it’s more a positioning thing than a race thing. Can he carry the “black vote?” Which is related but has some issues all its own in terms of how we think and treat race these days. It’s more addressing the demographic in a marketing/social sense.

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