I love weather

I am addicted to watching the weather channel.  I just can’t get enough of storms and the possibility that there is a storm approaching.  I don’t know why it just seems exciting to me and maybe because I know we can’t stop it. 

Most bad things approaching we can try and do something about it but weather…you can’t stop it.  You just have to sit there and take it.  For example, http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070211/ap_on_re_us/cold_weather

What is this all about?  11 feet of freaking snow?  Are you kidding me.  How do you deal with that.  136 inches of snow.   Some cities shut down because of 2 inches and these guys get 136 in a week. 

I like this guy’s quote:

It’s snow. We get a lot of it. So what?” said Allan Babcock, a lifelong resident who owns a popular diner in this village of 650 people located about 38 miles northeast of Syracuse.

Sure buddy…I mean that’s normal.  You don’t have to act tough about it.  Nobody in their right mind says “So what?” about 136 inches of snow. 

Allan you are either incredibly insecure about your toughness (and I have no idea if that is a real phrase) or the baddest SOB out there. 


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