Wade Phillips

It looks like he’s the guy for the Dallas Cowboys.  I was really high on him before I found out that he was 60 and then I became focused on the other candidates.  I guess I should be happy that it’s not Norv Turner as I think that would be a huge mistake.  One thing that I am glad about is that the Dallas media didn’t get who they wanted.  The Dale Hansen’s and Randy Galloway’s wanted Norv because they knew he would give them whatever they wanted.  No problem and no work.  

These media guys have become so lazy and anytime they have to search for a story or use their own brain they complain about access.  You are a reporter…find the story and quit bitching about how you don’t have access.  I should probably get back to Coach Phillips.

I am excited to see what he does with the defense and if we become an attacking defense which we haven’t been in forever.  We have always kind of been a bend/don’t break defense and now at least it will be exciting to watch.  Yes, we’ll get burned some but at least we’ll go down swinging as they say. 

Offensively, this is the red head’s team and we will see how he does with Tony Romo.  One thing to remember on Romo is that he doesn’t need a babysitter…he’s had that for the past few years.  Now, he needs someone to let him grow on his own and maybe Norv wasn’t ready to do that. 

 I’ll be posting more on this but just remember Roy Williams still sucks at pass coverage.  He needs to play a rover position, he is the worst at judging a ball in the air.  just terrible.  plus, i’d like to see him tackle correctly for once and not just throw his shoulder into guys(including his own).

how’s that for an unorganized blog entry.


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