Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

I just got onto yahoo’s homepage to find this as one of the lead stories of the day.  The first story was on Iraq, then the economy, some world event…and then  “Former NBA player to reveal he is gay” 

http://sports.yahoo.com/nba/news?slug=amaechi&prov=st&type=lgnsWhere do I start?

Is this big enough for the 1st page of headlines?  Does anyone remember who John Amaechi was?  I remember that he was a terrible basketball player.

 “To reveal he is gay”

Hasn’t he already revealed it?  Can you really reveal that you are gay?  This sounds like something Michael Scott would do.  If you don’t know who Michael Scott is….stop reading…go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.  Say, “I, state your name, am an idiot”.  Then, slap yourself in the face and start watching The Office. 

and maybe reveal to someone that you are straight. 

“the jack bauer of search engine optimization”


5 responses to “Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

  1. You forgot to capitalize the T in The Office. Your not a real fan.

  2. it’s fixed….genius

  3. Man, am I glad I know who Michael Scott is.

    I think another way of looking at the headlines is that Yahoo knows its average reader is bored with war news, congress, etc., but we’ll perk up about the gay basketball player. That’s kinda sad.

    You are the Michael Scott of Search Engine Optimization.

  4. You are the Dwight Schrute of Marketing

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