Working for Yourself

I recently formed a company with someone as neither of us really enjoy working for other people and being told what to do and how to do it.  I guess I’m the rebellion type or non comformist, whatever you want to call me.  Most ex girlfriends have used the word difficult. 

Well, I am quickly finding out that working for yourself means you don’t work normal hours and you really aren’t ever “off work”.  That part sucks.  And I’m tired and that’s all I want to write today.


3 responses to “Working for Yourself

  1. But hey, at least you’re tired for stuff you’ve wanted to do, and not what someone else told you.

  2. Nobody asked you bdunc1. You sound like my family with your nagging!

  3. Your family sounds pretty cool.

    Beeee careful . . . . . .

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