Why do I hate the NBA?

I used to be a huge NBA fan.  I loved to watch games and many times would watch both games in a double header but not now.  I haven’t watched one complete game all year on TV and probably not more than a quarter.  The only game I have seen in its entirety was the first game of the Mavs season where I went to the game.  I grew up playing basketball and still play every chance I get, I love college basketball but the NBA just doesn’t do it for me.

I’m not really sure why either.  I think some of it has to do with the guaranteed contracts in basketball.  What keeps these guys motivated after they sign a 5 yr 40 million dollar deal at the age of 25?  Sure, they are motivated by public image (they don’t want to get embarassed) but when I look around the league I see a lot of guys who just haven’t gotten any better or who are really out of shape. 

I think I love defense and passing more than other aspects of basketball and the NBA doesn’t put a premium on either of these.  Sure, they have a spectacular pass every now and then (and I’m leaving Steve Nash out of this because he’s playing a totally different game) but how many times do you see three good passes in a row?  Plus, look at how easy it is to score in the NBA as compared to college basketball where nearly every shot is contested. 

So that’s my rant at the NBA and even after all of this I still don’t know why I’m not at least interested in watching a few games now and then.  Finally, has anyone compared the NBA to socialism? 


One response to “Why do I hate the NBA?

  1. Could it be that you’re a racist neoconservative shithead?

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