How much Money is too much in Iraq?

I just saw the headline where Bush is going to ask for 245B more for the wars.

 How much is too much?  Isn’t odd that no one else is paying for the war in Iraq?  It seems to me that if we are going to do the fighting for the benefit of the world then someone ought to share in the cost.  I’m talking to you Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Kuwait, Europe, China.  Everyone ought to be contributing.  I would go to the UN and say look we can’t afford to fight this war anymore:  We are going to leave if the rest of the world doesn’t contribute something.  Make it public and put it on them. 

I believe we should leave and never should have been there in the first place but at this point it couldn’t hurt to ask for some cash from our so called allies.  I don’t want my future grandsons paying for this, 100 years from now. 


One response to “How much Money is too much in Iraq?

  1. If there’s a lesson for all of us from the war, I think it’s to make sure you have the strategy, the resources and the commitment to finish the thing quickly. That’s an understatement in this case.

    Agree on asking for help. Where the U.S. screwed up was not askiing for it from the beginning (I would guess we even shunned it so we could reap more of the rewards of what was then a sure and easy victory). Now, our snobbery is having its payback, and nobody wants to get in the same mess we’re in.

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